Will Moving Help Me End My Addiction?

Will Moving Help Me End My Addiction?Your time in rehab will be intense for a variety of reasons, but it is also going to be the best decision you ever make. In rehab you will learn ways to overcome addiction, who you are and what treatment methods work for you. However, you may also learn that your current home environment harms your long-term sobriety, which may compel you to move away. This is a decision that only you can make, but do so with the counsel of your recovery experts.

Benefits of Moving Away from Bad Influences

Drugs and alcohol are readily available in every neighborhood around the globe, but living with the friends and family members who contributed to your addiction will increase your risk for relapse. The problem is that adjusting to a sober life outside of a rehab facility can be a challenge, especially once you leave the safety and comfort of treatment. Overcoming addiction is a great challenge, primarily because it is an unending battle. Rehab is not a magic fix for your addiction—you’ll face the same stress and concerns that first led to your addictive behavior even after treatment. However, if you recognize that moving away from bad influences could be the best choice for you, you may minimize the risk of relapse.

Moving away from addiction is not really possible, but you can remove yourself from environments that originally contributed to your drug use.

Support Networks for Addiction Recovery

Consider making a list of your sober friends who support recovery and who you can call on during times of stress. If they are your community now and support you, then you may find that returning to your home and previous life is possible. Your support network is going to be one of the best tools you have in your recovery arsenal, so if your support network lives far from your current home, then consider moving away from bad influences, and toward those who support the lifelong process of overcoming addiction.

As straightforward as this sounds, you must also recognize that not all change can happen overnight. Overcoming addiction is a process, so while moving away from bad influences is certainly a positive step for recovery, it may be a good idea to consider living in a sober home as you reevaluate your life. Sober living is a unique experience that surrounds you with others who have similar goals and can also comfort you in this next phase of life.

Long-Term Recovery Solutions for Addiction

To find a rehab facility that will help you overcome addiction and learn more about moving away from bad influences, please call our toll-free helpline. Calls are confidential, and answered 24 hours a day. Your sobriety could depend on your decision to change your zip code, so seek us today for instant support.