Why Should I Go through Detox?

Why should I go through detox?You may be wondering why you should go through drug detox. Drug detox is mandatory for every person that is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Drugs act to poison your body and change your body chemistry. Once you become dependent on a drug or alcohol, your brain has become rewired to work in the presence of these substances. Suddenly stopping use “cold turkey” can cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms that range from shakiness to seizures or coma. Drug detox helps people overcome addiction quickly and effectively. Medically supervised detox provides a licensed medical staff to help you recover comfortably and safely. People who complete a medically supervised detox followed by rehab are much more likely to remain sober in the year after treatment than those who do not. With professional help you will detox with less risk to your health and well-being. You help yourself when you choose to attend drug detox.

The Steps of Detoxification

When the person enters detox treatment, he or she is usually given a drug test. In quality rehab programs mental health testing and evaluation is also conducted. This helps your treatment team understand your level of need and also helps them partner with you to create an individualized treatment plan. After an evaluation has been made, the process of stabilization begins. During this phase you will be provided with a comfortable space to relax and a supportive medical team to help you through the process. Your withdrawal symptoms will be managed with supportive care and non-addictive medications. After detox is complete, you can begin rehab care. This may include the following:


  • Targeted care for any underlying issues
  • Group therapy
  • Fun activities
  • Healthy and organic meals
  • Family counseling

How Luxury Detoxification Is Different

If you choose luxury detox, you can take part in the addition rehab program in complete comfort. Some extras you may find in luxury detox treatment include the following:

  • Hotel style rooms
  • World-class amenities
  • Massage and other spa services
  • Chef-prepared organic meals
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Exclusive private locations

Find Medically Supervised Detoxification Today

Whether your drug and alcohol detox needs are basic or you want to find a luxury detox program, we can help. Our confidential and toll-free helpline is here to get you back on track towards wellness and happiness. We can help you or your family find a rehab and detox program and professionals to meet your needs. We can even work with your insurance provider to gain treatment coverage. Please call us now, and speak to an experienced recovery counselor to learn more.