Why Should I Choose Private Addiction Treatment over VA Treatment?

Why Should I Choose Private Addiction Treatment over VA Treatment?Addiction is an unfortunate reality for many soldiers. Recovery for veterans and active duty military personnel can be a challenge, as many are afraid of the blemish that an addiction might leave on their permanent record. We are often quick to place those in the military on a pedestal of idealized strength without taking into account the fact that soldiers are simply human. They are just as acutely affected by traumatic events as the rest of us. In order to successfully combat PTSD and substance abuse soldiers will require time spent in a quality rehab facility that is dedicated to their recovery.

Alternatives to VA Addiction Treatment

The military offers VA treatment programs for addicted military personnel and veterans, but there are several benefits to the selection of a private rehab over a VA program. These include the following:

  • An integrated treatment program offered by private rehab facilities will help veterans to work through trauma or PTSD while also working through addictive behaviors
  • While a VA program might offer great programs for treating addiction, individuals may not get the effective treatment they need for co-occurring trauma recovery
  • In a private rehab soldiers will not face judgment from their military peers
  • A private rehab facility will help soldiers and veterans complete the detox and recovery process and will also provide resources for ongoing support so that relapse is less of a concern

Private medical and mental health professionals are acutely sensitive to the needs of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans with addiction concerns. Professionals will help you work through your addiction while also helping you combat trauma, PTSD or other underlying concerns. Each person, each addiction and each set of personal circumstances is different. Private addiction treatment will be custom-tailored to suit your recovery needs.

Real Answers to Addiction Recovery Questions

Please call our toll-free addiction helpline. We are committed to providing quality information about addiction treatment for veterans. Calls to our helpline are toll free and are handled by our compassionate and knowledgeable counselors. Calls are completely confidential and will have no bearing on your standing within the military. Call us today. We are here to provide you with the help and the resources needed to get your life back on track.