Why Is a Rehab Center’s Staff to Patient Ratio Important?

Why Is a Rehab Center's Staff to Patient Ratio Important?Rehab is a complex and challenging process, because no two people or addictions are exactly the same. The key to recovery lies in the ability of the treatment staff to have the adequate time and resources to provide each individual patient with the following services:

  • A thorough diagnosis of underlying psychological disorders co-occurring with the addiction
  • Close personal attention and medical care during detox and withdrawal
  • A variety of counseling styles to find the best approach for each patient
  • Ample time to educate patients on the nature of addiction as well as how the disease affects them personally
  • Experts in various relaxation and coping techniques who can help recovering addicts develop new skills

One of the most important indicators of a treatment program’s effectiveness is their staff-to-patient ratio. A lower ratio means resources are stretched – often beyond productive levels. A high ratio means that each recovering individual is more likely to have excellent access to the help they need. If you go to rehab, be sure you will get the most out of each dollar and minute you invest into recovery.

Rehab Staff and Their Functions

Although programs vary, the following staff roles are common in most successful centers:

  • Medical doctors attend to patients’ physical health and prescribe medications and other treatment
  • Psychiatrists diagnose and treat co-occurring mental disorders
  • Therapists manage personal and group counseling sessions and help patients develop healthy coping skills
  • Nursing staff make sure that each patient has all of the resources she needs and attend to daily needs

Additional recovery professionals may lead special projects, such as creative therapies, outings, exercise programs and service projects. Understaffed rehab programs simply can’t provide the level of attention that the best centers offer.

How to Find Programs with Strong Staff-to-Patient Ratios

If you are looking for the best addiction recovery program for yourself or for someone you love, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our staff members are connected to a network of facilities with great staff-to-patient ratios. Not all rehab programs have the same quality or quantity of treatment services: there are thousands of treatment options available and we can help you find the best option for your specific needs. The call is free and we are standing by 24 hours a day. We can even help with questions about insurance coverage, financial aid and other treatment options. Call today and begin recovering from your debilitating addiction.