When One Addiction Replaces Another

When One Addiction Replaces AnotherGetting treatment for an addiction can provide a sense of relief as addicts embark toward sobriety. However, many recovering addicts find themselves with a new addiction. Developing a new addiction after rehab can prove quite disheartening, but sobriety is possible. By understanding what caused this new addiction, you can readily work back to sobriety and a life that is within your control.

How Addiction Works

It is all too common to see someone make it through addiction treatment only to pick up a cigarette and cultivate a brand new addiction. While a cigarette addiction isn’t illegal or as immediately life-altering as harder drugs, it all comes down to an addictive personality. In some situations, an addictive personality is more easily recognized:

  • A new addiction can help addicts cope with their stress triggers; this can be especially true if the addict did not receive or pay heed to the relapse prevention therapies and techniques offered in rehab.
  • Switching addictions, even if done without forethought, can help addicts feel like they have a sense of control over something in their life. Consider someone who recovers from a drug addiction but then finds himself gambling or even seeking dangerous sexual behavior.

The addiction doesn’t necessarily need to be a relatively benign addiction like smoking cigarettes; sometimes the replacement addiction is alcohol, drugs, sex, or even an addiction to food. Addicts often require an outlet for their energy and their thoughts in order to help them to cope with life stresses and triggers. A few key traits of the addictive personality include the following:

  • Lack of impulse control and a strong desire for instant gratification
  • Underlying issues of either anxiety, trauma or unhappiness
  • Inability to cope with stress and changes

Addiction Rehabilitation Help

Even if your loved one has spent time in a rehab facility to treat a prior addiction, it is still very important that you get him or her into a new treatment program that can offer addiction help through forms such as the following:

  • Family counseling that teaches coping tools to support members. This can help loved ones handle stressful situations to help prevent relapse.
  • Repeated rehab treatment, with a detox and therapy plan.
  • An integrated treatment plan will treat underlying mental and emotional concerns that have led your family member toward addiction.

The sooner that you reach out to get them the addiction help that they need, the sooner that they will be well on the way to recovery.

Multiple Addiction Help

Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak to one of our qualified counselors. Our counselors can help you or a loved one work through this situation. Sometimes addicts select a replacement addiction that is much more serious than the first addiction. This can require immediate treatment. Give us a call; we are here to offer our help and full support as you and your loved one embark on the journey toward sobriety.