What Is Treatment Concordance?

What Is Treatment Concordance?Treatment concordance refers to the partnership approach taken by a patient and clinician in the designing and following of a treatment plan. In addiction treatment, treatment concordance can mean much more than a patient and clinician deciding on a medicinal route of treatment. Addiction treatment concordance is where an addict works together with recovery professionals to determine the right treatment methods that they will adhere to. Unlike the past, where patients would comply with their health-care provider’s treatment instructions, individuals are now taking more interest and self-responsibility in the decision making process where their health is concerned. Individuals want to be informed of the risks, benefits, and options they have when it comes to choosing a route of treatment.

Treatment Concordance for Addiction Recovery

When it comes to addiction treatment, most recovery professionals agree that treatment concordance is a good thing. While doctors and recovery professionals still have the knowledge, training and experience to make the best decision on a route of treatment, a patient’s ability to be involved in the decision process increases the likelihood that the patient will follow-through with treatment. When patients do not feel like they have a voice in deciding their treatment, they are less likely to be committed to the plan.

Treatment concordance for addiction recovery is especially beneficial because patients can work with doctors, therapists, counselors, and recovery professionals to choose treatment options that will work for their own, unique needs. Addiction recovery requires an individual to be committed and have a willing attitude. Being able to make decisions along with recovery professionals, provides an addict with the feeling of empowerment and motivation, knowing that he is taking part in the fate of his recovery. Addicts who are “forced” into a specific method of treatment will be reluctant to participate and make progress. Fortunately, there are many advance treatment options available for addiction treatment and recovery, making it easier for recovery professionals and their patients to agree on a unified treatment plan that will fit an individual’s situation.

Addiction is a universal disease, and treatment must be available to meet the needs of a universal society. Treatment options for addiction and co-occurring issues may involve medication, detox, talk therapy, counseling, family or group counseling, skills training, behavior therapies, alternative therapies, creative art therapies, support groups, aftercare programs and more. The collaboration between addict and recovery professions with treatment concordance allows individuals to choose the most effective treatment options that will fit with their personal values and lifestyle. Taking this approach to design an addict’s treatment regimen will encourage long-term recovery participation, and decrease the risk of relapse.

Want to Know Your Options for Addiction Treatment and Recovery?

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