What Is Heroin-Assisted Therapy?

What Is Heroin-Assisted Therapy?Heroin-assisted therapy is a controversial form of addiction treatment that is legal in some countries but currently illegal in the United States. It is where heroin is used in the same way methadone has traditionally been used, to help people taper off an opioid addiction. There are some arguments for heroin-assisted therapy, but studies have avoided definitive results, and there are several arguments against it. Any time a substitute drug is used to help users taper their drug abuse, there is the potential of developing another addiction. So, if you use heroin in this way, you may encourage another addiction to develop, even as you attempt to quit one.

Heroin-Assisted Therapy Information

The benefits that people attribute to heroin-assisted therapy include reducing crimes related to acquiring drugs, reducing public drug abuse, lowering costs of health care and reducing health risks such as HIV and hepatitis. On the other hand, heroin-assisted therapy has drawbacks as well. Heroin is one of the most addictive substances there is, and, although it is cheaper than methadone, it may be even easier to become addicted to it. Heroin is illegal in most countries, so why should it be legal for use during addiction treatment? It may be counterproductive to treat a person’s addiction while he is using such an addictive substance.

Alternatives to Heroin-Assisted Therapy

Users do not need heroin-assisted therapy to recover from drug addiction. With professional treatment, they can receive a less addictive substance to taper drug abuse, or they may even be able to quit without another drug as long as they have professional supervision. Heroin does not make treatment more effective, and may not make it any more comfortable. Heroin-assisted therapy could possibly provide more comfort, but it also presents major risks that could get in the way of addiction recovery.

Beginning Heroin Addiction Recovery

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