What Is Experiential Therapy?

What Is Experiential Therapy?While thousands of people deal with addiction on a daily basis, many of them have different needs when it comes to treatment for substance abuse. While talking with therapists and counselors is extremely beneficial, it does not work for everyone. Through experiential therapy, recovering drug addicts can enter a rehab process where they gain helpful tools, but through a nonconventional setting. If staying at a rehab center does not sound like a productive way for you to break your addiction, consider the many other options available before you commit to a certain type of therapy.

Forms of Experiential Therapy

You can seek experiential therapy through the following forms:

  • Art therapy is beneficial for not only the user, but also the therapist. Through paintings, drawings, sculptures and more, a therapist can distinguish between the issues that patients have. This means they can discuss work and underlying recvoery issues at the same time. It is also extremely beneficial for users, as it allows them to release negative energy surrounding traumatic experiences that may contribute to substance abuse.
  • Equine therapy is designed to increase a patient’s confidence, self esteem and to provide the right tools to get through addiction. Caring for an animal much larger than them helps users rekindle trust. Gaining instant gratification through success in therapy sessions can help patients rebuild their lives.
  • Adventure therapy is an excellent way for people to get hands-on treatment for addiction. Activities such as rock climbing, zip-lining and rafting can be outlets for stress that also teaches patients to rely on themselves to achieve success. This develops a patient’s self-esteem and confidence while it teaches them to love themselves again. This therapy also provides instant gratification that users may have only felt while using drugs.
  • Wilderness therapy is an excellent way for recovering users to come together and rely on themselves. They must tough out many problems in the wilderness where they will develop leadership skills, work as a team and build confidence through supporting one another. These skills will carry on into everyday lives.

Experiential therapy is extremely successful and can provide positive outcomes for recovering drug addicts. It can also help people who have gone through traumatic experiences learn to rebuild their confidence and get through challenging times.

How to Find Experiential Therapy

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