What If I Don’t Want to Stop Using Drugs?

What If I Don't Want to Stop Using Drugs?Addiction creates strong physical cravings that force addicts to avoid rehab, but other reasons also prevent many addicts from seeking treatment. While you may not want to quit using drugs for any number of reasons, sobriety can help you live a much better life.

Common Fears about Entering Rehabilitation

You may be hesitant to enter rehab because it’s a new environment with different daily habits and complete strangers. You don’t know what to expect, so you may have reservations. Will you fit in? Will it work? Will entering treatments be worth it? These are all normal reactions that many addicts experience. However, the answer is yes: you will fit in, treatment will work, and rehab will be worth it if you put in the effort. When you seek out empathetic peers, you’ll find friends. When you attend the counseling sessions and group meetings, you’ll learn ways to prevent relapse. When you actively participate in treatment, you’ll find reasons to stay sober.

How Guilt Keeps Addicts from Rehabilitation

For some addicts, entering rehab is not an option because guilt tells them that they don’t deserve help. People who suffer from guilt are torn by the thought that they brought their addiction on themselves. Perhaps you’ve fought drug abuse for so long that can’t remember what sobriety feels like. If you’re letting guilt prevent you from entering treatments, know that addiction is a process. You didn’t want to become addicted, but you did and now you don’t want to stop. Addiction is not your fault, just the choices you made to become addicted. There are ways to involve your loved ones in your recovery, and they can help you find the strength to quit.

Using Drugs to Cope with Emotional Issues

If you take drugs to deal with problems, you may have an underlying mental health issue. Drug addicts often experience depression and anxiety that, if left untreated, can perpetuate addiction. In rehab you’ll learn how to manage any mental health disorders you may have. Therapy can teach you to adapt to stressful situations without relying on drugs.

Fears about Losing Friends after Rehab

The people you hang out with while using drugs may have once been your friends, but if those people refuse to support your recovery, then you do not need them holding you back. Maybe your drug-using friends were using you. If they simply say you as the supplier, buyer or person who wouldn’t rat them out, you should not be worried about losing those people. People who enable your addiction do not have your best interest in mind.

However, if you believe your relationship with another addict is genuine, then what could set a better example than entering rehab yourself? If you can get help, so can they. Do what’s best for yourself and those around you—get treatment for the addiction that is controlling you.

Help Quitting Drugs

Our phone counselors are waiting 24 hours a day to answer our toll-free helpline. When you call, you can learn about addiction treatment options and how your insurance may cover the costs of rehab. You have nothing to lose and nothing but sobriety to gain.