The Dangers of Using Contaminated Drugs

The Dangers of Using Contaminated DrugsMany people use drugs of some sort, regardless of whether these drugs are prescribed or are being used recreationally. However, there are dangers associated with both kinds of use, especially if the drugs are contaminated.

Dangers of Contaminated Drugs

Drugs can become contaminated in many ways: at the factories, on the streets, and in the homes of dealers and producers. The dangers of drug contamination are very real and can include the following:

  • Negative reactions – If a drug is contaminated with another drug or foreign substance, the individual using can suffer a negative physical or psychological reaction that can threaten his or her wellbeing. These kinds of reactions can include issues with the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, or the neurological system.
  • Potential for overdose – When drugs are contaminated, an individual can run the risk of overdose much more quickly than if the drug was not contaminated. As the chemicals begin to negatively interact with one another, they can become more powerful when combined and produce adverse effects that send the body into a tailspin.
  • Improper function – It is likely that when a drug is contaminated, it will not work the way in which it is supposed to. In some cases, it might not work at all. This can be dangerous because an individual who is using a drug for a specific reason may start using more if they drug does not appear to be working. This can lead to an overdose, as well as substance abuse issues.

Contaminated drugs can produce negative physical and psychological reactions, increase the potential for overdose, and not work in the way they should.

Preventing Using Contaminated Drugs

In some cases, it can be difficult to know if drugs are contaminated or not. However, the best and most effective way to prevent the use of contaminated drugs is to always receive drugs from a professional source, such as a doctor or a pharmacy. Illicit drug use is always risky because individuals can never guarantee where the drugs have been. If you are taking a drug and begin to notice strange side effects, it is important to check your drugs and speak to your prescribing physician. If you are not receiving your drugs from a doctor and are using illegally, it is best to reach out to a treatment facility that can offer you the assistance needed to end your use.

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