Teachers Struggling with Substance Abuse

Teachers Struggling with Substance AbuseIn recent years, public education institutions in America have shown an increased interest in cracking down on substance abuse among high school and college-aged students. In many states, new legislation, drug screening, and an increased focus on drug awareness has drastically reduced the number of students using illicit substances at school.

A Need for Teacher Reform

Comparatively, the growing number of teachers who are actively using some sort of illicit substance at home or in the workplace has become a silent epidemic. There are a number of possible reasons that more and more teachers are struggling with substance abuse. Perhaps one of the most significant contributing factors is the reality that there are relatively few physical regulations on teachers when compared to the students that they teach. The high-stress working environment that many teachers experience on a daily basis is also a significant contributing factor. Some of the most tragic events surrounding substance abuse by teachers in the workplace are situations in which teachers are enabling their students to become drug users.

Teacher Stress Leading to Substance Abuse

Many teachers begin using prescription medications to help them manage stress that results from environmental factors at work. Use of many prescription pain relievers or antidepressants is associated with tolerance and dependence. When a teacher uses one of these medications for long periods of time, his body begins to build a tolerance to the drug. This happens when his brain counteracts the effects of the medication in an effort to protect the body. This results in an increase in the size and frequency of the stress-relieving medication, ultimately leaving teachers with powerful addiction. Ironically, a substance that increases productivity for teachers in the ways that it helps him manage stress can ultimately result in an inability to meet the needs of his students.

Resources for Rehabilitation

It is crucial for teachers in public education systems to continue being role models and capable educators to their students. There are a number of quality education facilities that are specifically designed for working professionals and can provide teachers with an opportunity to take step toward a life free from drug addiction. If you or some you care about is dealing with an addiction to a controlled substance, we are available 24 hours a day through our toll-free helpline to take your calls and help you find the resources you need.