Substance-Induced Bipolar Disorder

Substance-Induced Bipolar DisorderSubstance abuse and mental disorders are often considered to be unrelated. However, any time you abuse a substance, you are not only putting yourself at risk for developing an addiction, but you are also opening up the possibility of developing a mental disorder, such as bipolar disorder, as a result of your substance abuse. Getting over substance abuse is difficult, but when you suffer from addiction along with bipolar disorder, the disorder can complicate your recovery and make things more difficult. If you suffer from addiction and bipolar disorder, help is available that will allow you to overcome your addiction and learn to manage bipolar disorder.

Does Substance Abuse Cause Bipolar Disorder?

Substance abuse does not cause bipolar disorder. However, substance abuse can change the chemistry of your brain, eventually leading you to develop a mental disorder such as bipolar disorder. There are a number of factors that can play into the development of bipolar disorder as a result of substance abuse. Genetically, some people are more likely to develop bipolar disorder than others. If you are genetically predisposed to bipolar disorder and abuse a substance, the substance abuse may be a trigger that causes bipolar symptoms to present. Abusing a substance also causes the brain’s chemistry to change. Over time if you continue abusing a substance, a chemical imbalance may develop within the brain, causing you to develop symptoms related to bipolar disorder.

Can I Recover from Addiction and Bipolar Disorder?

If you develop bipolar disorder after suffering from addiction, you can overcome your problems with the proper help. Although traditional addiction treatment may help you deal with your addiction, it does not focus on bipolar disorder and its relationship with your addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is a specialized type of addiction treatment designed to help users who suffer from both addiction and a mental disorder, such as bipolar disorder. During dual diagnosis treatment you will learn more about the relationship between your addiction and bipolar disorder, and you will learn techniques to deal with cravings and manage your bipolar disorder.

Seeking Treatment for Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

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