How to Pay for a Residential Drug Treatment Center Stay

How to Pay for a Residential Drug Treatment Center StayResidential drug treatment is arguably the most effective form of addiction treatment because it removes addicts from their surroundings and places them in a stable, supportive environment where they can focus on treatment. However, for many families, the costs associated with residential rehab programs may make the programs seem out of reach. Drug addiction can cause financial strain on the family to begin with; acquiring drugs often takes priority over other financial responsibilities, putting families in debt because of a drug habit. Spending thousands a month on treatment does not seem plausible for many individuals struggling with addiction.

Insurance and Paying for a Residential Drug Treatment Center

Recently, insurance companies have begun to cover different aspects of drug addiction treatment. In most cases, insurance companies cover residential treatment and many are even beginning to include residential care in their plans. Some companies may cover a portion of treatment, if not all of it. In addition, some companies may cover treatment for a handful of specific programs. Speak to your insurance company about how they might be able to help you pay for residential drug rehab.

Employers Helping to Pay for Residential Drug Treatment

Some employers are now paying for their employees to attend drug addiction treatment or offering them a paid leave of absence while they receive treatment. In some cases, helping their existing employee get treatment is less expensive than hiring a new employee who would need to be trained for the role. As well, some employee health benefits can offset the cost of drug rehab. Some employers may even offer a paid leave of absence for those entering into a residential program, since time off work would be required. Discuss these options with your employer when enrolling in a treatment program.

Financing Options for Residential Drug Treatment

Finally, many residential treatment centers are now offering payment plans for their patients. These payment plans can be done on a sliding scale in some cases, and give patients options when it comes to paying for their treatment, allowing them to spread the expense out over longer periods of time. While this does not remove the cost of treatment, it does ease the immediate financial burden on families.

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