Remaining Drug-Free By Asking for Help

Remaining Drug-Free By Asking for HelpOne of the biggest mistakes recovering addicts make is to believe that addiction is so far behind them that they no longer need help remaining drug-free. This is not necessarily a sign of pride or arrogance – many people will genuinely feel they’re no longer tempted to use drugs. But, recovery is a lifelong journey that shouldn’t be traveled alone. Thinking you’ve reached the finish line too early can lead quickly to relapse.

Asking for help and continuing to seek it after rehab is the only way to remain drug free. Willpower won’t hurt, but relying on that alone is the quickest way to fall back into addiction.

How to Prevent Relapse

It is important not just to seek help, but to seek it from the right people. Trusted friends and family can be a great place to start. On the other hand, for some people, certain family relationships may be more harmful than they are helpful. If you have struggled with addiction in the past and need help staying drug free, it’s important to use good judgment when it comes to what relationships you keep in your life.

If you have been to rehab before, people there have presumably helped you in the past. There is nothing wrong with returning to rehab, for a short time, if you feel you might be backsliding. Outpatient clinics – non-residential facilities where a person can receive treatment – are also a good option. Besides that, returning to therapy and/or counseling is a good way to prevent relapse, along with joining or rejoining a support group.

Help Preventing Relapse

Just as you should not try to beat addiction on your own initially, you should not struggle to remain drug-free on your own either. The support you can gain from friends, family and fellow recovering addicts not only makes recovery and drug-free living possible, but it also makes life more enjoyable. Living in isolation only allows issues like addiction and depression to arise and consume you. Surrounding yourself with supportive, healthy relationships is the way to be free.

Help Staying Sober

If you are trying to remain drug free, or are struggling with addiction and want help quitting, call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. We want to offer you the assistance that you need to get clean and stay that way. Trying to beat drugs on your own is dangerous and likely to fail. But with help, you can remain drug free and live a healthy fulfilling life. Call today to find out how.