Recovery Challenges Facing Fathers

Recovery Challenges Facing FathersRecovering from drug or alcohol addiction can be incredibly difficult for anyone, but fathers have unique difficulties with recovery. They must face the consequences of addiction not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of the rest of their families. While working on their own internal struggles, fathers have to rebuild broken relationships, so it is imperative that they seek help as soon as possible to restore balance.

How Relationships Keep Fathers from Addiction Recovery

One of the most difficult things for a recovering addict to do is to rebuild healthy relationships. Addiction harms the lives of everyone who is close to the user, so it can sever every relationship a father has. Children, no matter their age, are hurt by the actions of their parent drug addicts: enduring a father’s addiction can leave children without a strong father figure, and it can also increase their chances of falling into the same habits in the future.

Fathers who are recovering from drug addiction often experience guilt when they face broken relationships. They may find that their children do not want to forgive them for their actions, and so recovery may seem torturous. Rebuilding relationships is humbling, so it requires patience, because forgiveness does not often come overnight. In spite of this grueling work, relationships with children and spouses are essential to recovery, and completely worth the trouble.

How Finances Keep Fathers from Addiction Recovery

The stress of paying for addiction treatment is a burden for all addicts, but it is one that addicts must face. When addicts have the financial obligation of raising a child, they may have considerable stress about seeking treatment. This means that they may have to cut spending in other areas of life to save money. The finances of recovery can also be stressful to families, as spouses and children may feel resentment about the changes to pay for rehab. In fact, families may feel even more burdened by a father’s addiction if they suffer from financial changes. This makes rebuilding relationships even more difficult, but even more crucial, despite the financial hardship.

How Time Keeps Fathers from Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is also very stressful in regards to time. Going through rehab and attending support group meetings can take significant time away from family. Additionally, the financial stress of recovery may lead fathers to get another job, which further reduces the amount of free time for recovering fathers. However, reduced interaction between recovering addicts and their children can lead to eventual success. Children of addicted fathers often experience parental absence in the course of the addiction, so the limited time can allow for healing on both sides. It can be difficult for a recovering father to balance all of these factors, but treatment can help.

Help for Fathers who Struggle with Addiction

If you or a loved one suffers from addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about addiction treatment, so seek their confidential advice as soon as possible to promote recovery.