Non-Institutional Addiction Help

Non-Institutional Addiction HelpNon-institutional addiction facilities differ from traditional forms of treatment. They offer small, private, resort-like environments that give a comforting and home-like feel rather than a feeling like a hospital. In this way addicts do not have to feel like they are being punished for seeking out addiction treatment. A traditional treatment facility can seem frightening and cold, but it should not feel like this.

Non-institutional addiction help lets addicts know that they are in a safe and comfortable environment that enables holistic healing. Guests are treated with care, respect and dignity from all staff members, and can feel important because of the smaller guest-to-staff ratio. Facilities resemble a resort and patients can enjoy the many amenities while undergoing treatment. Environments like this can help addicts respond better to treatment.

Benefits of Non-institutional Addiction Treatment

Non-institutional addiction treatment believes that its guests should experience recovery by their own will and not be forced into it. Addiction recovery is a long process that will not only end the addiction, but it also teaches patients the skills needed to remain sober. Patients must actively participate in treatment to see positive results. The environment in a non-institutional treatment facility achieves this. Guests feel more comfortable, build trust with staff and are encouraged to better their lives, which is why they respond better to this type of treatment. Patients feel that their treatment is personalized and they are being cared for.

Non-institutional addiction treatment also aids recovery through holistic treatment. The many treatment services offered on top of the many amenities allow for physical, psychological and spiritual healing. Along with traditional treatment options like detox, counseling, traditional therapy, Dual Diagnosis treatment and aftercare, non-institutional addiction treatment facilities may offer the following services:

  • An exercise facility
  • Swimming pool
  • Trails to walk or hike
  • An ocean, lake or other serene body of water
  • A chef to prepare fine cuisine
  • Massage therapy, acupuncture, and spa treatment
  • Golf course
  • Bowling alley
  • Scenic views
  • Music and creative arts opportunities
  • Classes for yoga or Pilates
  • Serenity for meditation, reading and quiet time

With these services, addicts may feel that recovery is a positive experience rather than a required task.

Addiction Help from Non-institutional Rehab Facilities

If you need addiction help and are interested in non-institutional rehab, we can help. Please call our toll-free helpline to speak with an counselor about your treatment options. They are ready 24 hours a day to assist you, so if you have questions or are ready to find addiction treatment now, call us for answers.