Massage Therapy as a Part of Addiction Recovery

Massage Therapy as a Part of Addiction RecoveryWhile people may think it is atypical treatment for recovering addicts, massage therapy plays a strongly positive role for those who seek help for substance abuse. While not as interactive as many other forms of therapy in rehab, massage therapy align the body and mind throughout the process. Drug addicts who seek to recover can greatly benefit from releasing stress and pain from their bodies.

Benefits of Massage Therapy in Addiction Recovery

Even though it already yields many healthy benefits, massage therapy is a promising way to get recovering drug addicts on a path to sobriety. It opens up the body and mind to a more relaxed, receptive state, so addicts can participate more freely in psychological treatment. Massage therapy may also help in the following ways:

  • Stress: Stress can keep us from connecting to what is going on, and massage therapy can alleviate some of that stress by loosening up the muscles and releasing negative energy from the body.
  • Dopamine: Getting massages on a regular basis can increase the production of dopamine, which for many users is lacking as a result of drug use. To encourage recovering addicts to find more positive forms of reward, massage therapy can prove that they do not need drugs to feel good.
  • Awareness: When a user is not in touch with her body and stressors, she can easily be triggered to relapse since she is ignoring her overall health. With a constant regimen of massage, a user is more likely to recognize tension and stress since she usually works it out of her body through massage therapy. This can prepare her to handle issues rather than letting them grow, which may lead to relapse.
  • Toxins: Massage therapy also releases toxins from the body, which can be extremely beneficial during detox stages. This process can cleanse the body faster, thereby getting addicts into psychological treatment quicker.

Growing more and more popular, massage therapy is starting to make waves in addiction treatment. Its benefits and relaxing vibes allow users to get to a stable, peaceful place where they can truly focus on recovery without feeling distracted or agitated.

Help Finding Addiction Treatment with Massage Therapy

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