Finding Los Angeles Drug Rehab

Finding Los Angeles Drug RehabThe city of Los Angeles has long been embroiled in the drug war, feeling the effects of glamorized drug use, pervasive accessibility and drug traffic entering the city from its southern borders. In fact, drug seizures in Los Angeles County’s high traffic areas were astronomical in 2008 alone, with nearly 203,000 kilograms of marijuana, more than 6,000 kilograms of cocaine, and an excess of 46,000 doses of ecstasy obtained by law enforcement, according to the California Department of Justice. For many individuals in Los Angeles, drug use had fatal effects, with drug and alcohol overdoses ranking fourth in premature death causes in the county, causing more than 15,000 fatalities among men and causing more than 5,000 women to die in 2008 alone. For many individuals in Los Angeles, the nature of drug addiction causes drug use to take a stronghold over all aspects of lifestyle until professional drug treatment is sought out and successfully completed.

Public Drug Rehabilitation Treatment in Los Angeles

Just accounting for government-funded drug rehabilitation treatment programs, enrollment of Los Angeles residents hit a high of more than 60,000 individuals during 2008 alone. The most common drugs of choice were marijuana (involved in nearly one-third of publicly funded drug treatment admissions), methamphetamines (the primary drug of 18 percent of attendees), and cocaine in either powder or rock form accounting for a startling 13 percent of admissions.

Los Angeles Private Outpatient Drug Rehab Options

Beyond drug rehabilitation programs that are funded by local and state government, private Los Angeles drug treatment programs only added to the admissions numbers for Los Angeles residents. In general, private California drug treatment programs exist in two forms – outpatient and inpatient drug rehabilitation programs. Focusing on patient education, drug testing, 12-step involvement, group counseling and aftercare planning, outpatient drug rehab programs generally receive referrals from employers, social workers and the state’s legal system. Patients can attend outpatient programs for a dedicated number of hours each week while maintaining their jobs, parenting obligations and current lifestyles. While the outpatient drug rehabilitation programs in Los Angeles certainly can bring about sobriety, in general, inpatient programs tend to enjoy higher relapse-free success rates.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Options in Los Angeles

Inpatient drug rehabilitation programs are located throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties, though most are located in serene and scenic areas such as Malibu. By creating a sober environment that induces relaxation, inpatient drug rehabilitation programs take patients away from their addictive environment – and any triggers for drug use that may exist therein. Patients usually undergo diagnostic and drug testing, professional detoxification to break the physical addiction to drugs while mitigating withdrawal symptoms, and psychological counseling in order to deal with the mental or emotional aspects of addiction. Many inpatient programs also include an emphasis on 12-step modalities, fitness and nutrition techniques, stress reduction and anger management instruction, and transitional planning services to help ensure continued sobriety.