How Negative Feelings about Sexual Orientation Contribute to Drug Abuse

How Negative Feelings about Sexual Orientation Contribute to Drug AbuseIf you have ever felt conflicted about your sexual identity, negative feelings, bullied, or confused you know these emotions can leave you conflicted about who you are. These types of inner conflicts are often largely to blame for depression and alcoholism becoming a part of the life of the conflicted individual.

Your negative feelings can have an impact on your drug abuse or alcoholism. How can the way that you feel about your sexual orientation lead you down the dark path of addiction?

Conflicted Hearts, Feelings of Shame

Bullying and feeling different from other people goes a lot deeper than calling someone bad names or making fun of their hairstyle or choice of shoes; it can have a deep a lasting impact on an individual’s sense of self-worth. It can also leave an individual with the thoughts that their love for someone is horribly wrong, and leave them plied with shame. This can all lead to the development of an addiction in an effort to numb all of the negativity.

Sexual orientation confusion by itself can be a very lonely and worrisome place. When you add in bullying, depression, and alcoholism or drug addiction then you have the perfect cocktail for a deep sense of shame, isolation, and the potential for life-threatening consequences.

What Can Be Done to Help?

If you find yourself drowning in depression and alcoholism in conjunction with substance abuse and gender issues, then you may feel that there is simply no help for you. While it can seem hopeless when you are trapped in a tornado of negative feelings about your sexual orientation, the truth is that there is help for you. You don’t have to live in a world where negative feelings about your sexual orientation and addiction are the controlling forces.

By reaching out to a gay-friendly rehab program you can get the treatment that will help you to recover from your addiction while also facing your concerns about your sexual orientation. Negative feelings and addiction do not need to define your life. You can work with counselors and medical professionals who have experience with substance abuse and gender issues, and slowly start to rebuild your life into one that offers you all of the happiness that you so richly deserve.

A gay and lesbian-friendly rehab will be able to make you feel comfortable with who you are, and help you effectively work through your negative feelings and struggles with sexuality and addiction. The right LGBT rehab facility will provide you with counseling and therapies tailored to your unique situation.

It can be daunting to consider getting professional help for issues with sexuality and addiction, especially if there are inner conflicts about your sexual orientation. A GLBT rehab that will offer you a non-judgment and stress-free environment in which to work through your issues can offer you a nurturing and comfortable place to recover.

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Call our addiction and sexual orientation helpline today. Our compassionate counselors will handle your call with the strictest of confidentiality. Our counselors will listen to your concerns about sexuality and addiction, and can help to point you in the right direction to LGBT counseling rehab for LGBT concerns.

You don’t need to face your future with a heavy and conflicted heart. Our counselors are available around the clock to provide you with a safe and confidential outlet and source of information for gay and lesbian-friendly rehab programs.