How Much Counseling Do I Need to Get Over Drug Addiction?

How Much Counseling Do I Need to Get Over Drug Addiction?While there is much research about addiction including what causes it, who is most at risk for addiction, what drugs have the highest addiction potential, and statistics about various aspects of addiction, the bottom line is that addiction is an individualized disease. This means that finding counseling and treatment for addiction is an individualized choice as well. Certain counseling settings, types, and duration work for some people, while other people need a completely different approach to addiction recovery.

Crisis Stage of Addiction

A person at the crisis stage of addiction realizes that if they don’t get help, their life is at risk. Many people in crisis do not often think clearly. During this stage it is necessary to get assistance from an addiction professional who understands this stage and can help guide you through it. During this stage, you are struggling with withdrawal symptoms as well as a great deal of fear and uncertainty. Seeking help from a professional who can minimize your withdrawal symptoms and give you a sense of support and comfort during this time is very important.

Exploratory Stage of Addiction Recovery

Once you have gone through the crisis stage of addiction and you have detoxed, you are ready to explore your addiction with a focus on understanding what led you to where you are today. An addiction recovery counselor has the skills and training to help you uncover these underlying issues and start healing yourself. This can be a very painful process, as you have hidden many of these issues for years, but it is a necessary stage that will help you increase awareness of your personal needs for lasting recovery.

Rebuilding Stage after Addiction Rehabilitation

Once you have a better understanding of yourself, your addiction and your recovery, you can start rebuilding. You will rebuild your physical body with nutritious food, exercise, and sufficient sleep. You will rebuild your emotional self with counseling, stress-relieving activities, and group interactions. You can rebuild your spiritual self by recommitting to your belief system. You can also rebuild your life skills to allow you to be successful when you return to everyday life.

Transition Stage during Addiction Recovery

Leaving an intensive rehab program and taking those first steps on your own can be very frightening and put you at risk for falling back on old patterns and habits. During this transitional stage between treatment and everyday life you need support to understand and address the risks that you may encounter, learning how to avoid those risks or work around them, and having a recovery plan in place that you can rely on to guide you. The counselor that you would use at this stage may not be the person who helped you during any of the other stages and may not use the same counseling strategies, but he or she will be focused on helping you feel stronger about living a life free from your addiction.

Get Help Finding Counseling for Drug Addiction

There is a wide variety of counseling options for drug addiction, and one of these is right for you. Don’t let this stage of recovery overwhelm you. Call our toll-free helpline, and let our counselors talk with you, assess your situation and match you with the best treatment for you. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now.