How Many Patients Will Be in My Addiction Rehab Program?

How Many Patients Will Be in My Addiction Rehab Program?Going into rehab, many patients wonder what to expect, from where they will be sleeping at night to what they will do for fun. One of the most common questions from patients is how many other patients will be part of group therapy sessions and how that will impact their recovery. Chances are that only a handful of people will be present in a group therapy session.

Reasons Group Therapy Sessions Are Small

Group therapy sessions are kept small to create the most effective environment for recovery. Small group therapy sessions have the following benefits:

  • Benefit to the therapist: Addiction treatment group therapists know that drug addiction requires serious, complex help. The therapist can be more effective with a smaller group of people and give each client the personal attention he needs to recover
  • Benefit to patients: Similar to a classroom setting, the teacher can reach students more effectively if he or she does not have too many students in the classroom. In a group setting in drug addiction rehabilitation, patients can expect to get similar treatment as they would in a small classroom. The therapist will get to know them and they can connect to other patients and work through their problems on a more personal level.

Benefits of Involvement from Other Patients in Addiction Treatment Programs

Not only do patients benefit from the therapist in group therapy, they can also benefit from the experience and support of other patients.

  • Trust: One of the first things that a recovering user needs to re-learn is trust. Working with other recovering users can build a new sense of trust in a user who might have had a hard time trusting others or being trustworthy during his addiction.
  • Relating: Relating to others in a group setting, such as a drug addiction rehabilitation program, can be the most beneficial thing a recovering user takes away from his experience. This connection allows for renewed trust and shared experiences with other recovering addicts. The support that comes from sharing in experiences can carry through into a life of recovery.

While each addiction rehabilitation program is different, most places will limit the number of people in each program. This ensures that each patient get the help and support he or she needs.

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