How Is the Brain Altered By Drug Addiction?

How Is the Brain Altered By Drug Addiction?The brain has billions of neurons that communicate and control everything you think, feel and do. The brain interacts with the spinal column and the nervous system, and, when something impacts the communication and interaction in the brain, it changes how the brain works overall. Some drugs alter the way that neurons send, receive and process information, and while on these drugs your brain is not able to operate at its maximum level. Drug use also interferes with your thought processes and decision-making abilities. The brain becomes imbalanced after repeated drug use, and addiction will take over your thoughts, actions and life.

How to Repair and Restore the Brain after Drug Addiction

When the brain has reached a point where it does not function effectively, you need the help of recovery professionals. When the brain becomes rewired and feels it needs drugs to maintain a state that it now considers “normal,” you need significant help to repair and restore your mind. Medically supervised detox services can help you remove the toxins from your body so that your physical health returns to a stable state. You need counseling and therapy to repair the parts of your brain that have been impacted by drug use. You need to understand the underlying causes of your addiction to resolve those issues or learn more effective ways to deal with them. You also need to learn how to help your brain disassociate with drugs. Counseling and life skills training can help you alter your behaviors so that your brain begins to recognize that this is the “normal” state it should be seeking. Your brain can heal after addiction, but it will require professional recovery help.

End Addiction and Heal the Brain and Body

Your brain is a wonderful and powerful communications center, and you can reverse the changes addiction has made to it. You don’t have to handle your recovery alone, as we are here to help. If you feel that you could benefit from addiction therapy but need or would like more information before making your decision, call our toll-free helpline today. We can explain the changes addiction causes and how you can best reverse them.