How Grief Affects Mental Health

How Grief Affects Mental HealthGrief is often caused by a negative event, especially the loss of a person, place, or a thing. While the most pressing symptoms of grief usually clear after a few months, they can still cause a number of issues that can impact an individual to a point where his mental health can suffer.

How Grief Affects the Mentally Healthy and the Mentally Unhealthy

There are millions of people in the world that do not struggle with a mental health disorder at all. However, when these individuals experience grief, their mental health can be compromised, especially as the effects of these emotions kick in. Those who do suffer from mental health issues can also suffer from the same symptoms, however the might be exacerbated because of their preexisting conditions. Some of the many ways in which grief can impact both kinds of individuals can include the following:

  • Cause depression – Even the most mentally healthy individuals can develop depression – especially after a loss. Those who are already struggling with mental health issues can also experience depression or fall into a deeper depression. Depression for both parties can be dangerous, as it promotes feelings of hopelessness and extreme sorrow that lend themselves to the development of additional issues such as addiction.
  • Damage relationships – Grief can make an individual (regardless of his mental health status) withdraw from others, as they often no longer feel up to socializing, being vulnerable, or celebrating much. This can cause breakdowns in relationships, leaving individuals without much of a social circle that would otherwise have supported them through their grieving process. This can cause feelings of abandonment, distrust, and anger.

In addition to increasing or causing depression and creating relationships woes, grief can cause both mentally healthy and mentally unhealthy individuals to grow bitter about their experiences, which can negatively change their outlook on life.

Treatment for Grief

It is important that anyone who is struggling with grief receive the treatment that he needs to overcome it. In most cases, grief is treated through psychotherapy and medications, both of which can help move the process along. However, it is even more important for an individual that has preexisting mental health conditions to get help so his grief can be treated simultaneously with his other mental health issues.

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