How Does Narcissism Affect Treatment and Recovery?

How Does Narcissism Affect Treatment and Recovery?Treatment for addiction and the recovery process that goes along with it is never easy, especially as most people who are participating still struggle with the idea that they had a significant problem with a drug. This can be even more difficult for individuals that have narcissistic tendencies, primarily because they have difficulty thinking that anything they do is unsatisfactory to themselves or others.

How Narcissism Can Affect Treatment and Recovery

There are a number of symptoms of narcissism that can make both addiction treatment and recovery increasingly complicated. For many people who struggle with narcissism, the act of getting sober is often much more complex, as they have behavioral issues that are standing in their way. Some of the many ways narcissism can affect treatment and recovery include the following problems:

  • Inflated ego – It can be nearly impossible for an individual with an inflated ego to work through addiction treatment. Not only can an ego stand in the way of this success, but it can cause an individual to think she is above others in her program, which causes the experience to be ineffective.
  • Unrealistic goals – It is natural for a narcissist to set unreasonable goals for himself, and when he enters into treatment and is working towards recovery, this pattern can continue. This can be dangerous, because if he sets unattainable goals that he cannot meet, he will think that treatment was a waste and recovery is impossible.
  • Insensitivity – Most narcissists are so focused on their own personal needs that they fail to be sensitive to others emotions and/or needs. This can create an unpleasant dynamic in a group setting, and ultimately impacts an individual’s therapeutic experience. People who struggle with narcissism may have problems developing a strong support system both inside and outside of treatment.

Narcissists often display inflated egos, set unrealistic goals, and have trouble with sensitivity, making their stay in treatment and efforts towards recovery more challenging.

Treatment Options for Narcissists who Abuse Drugs

While narcissism can be a mild trait, it can also become serious enough to be classified as a psychological disorder. Therefore, those who battle with the many symptoms that accompany narcissistic tendencies can be better treated in a Dual Diagnosis treatment setting, where addiction problems and psychological disorders can receive attention simultaneously.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Narcissism and Drug Abuse

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