Flight Attendants and Addiction

Flight Attendants and AddictionFlight attendants are in a career that has increased risk for addiction. While the effects of addiction are detrimental to any person, flight attendants risk the safety of other individuals in addition to their own, while working. Finding suitable addiction treatment can help a flight attendant overcome addiction and continue living a healthy life.

Why Are Flight Attendants at High Risk for Addiction?

Flight attendants fall into a high-risk career category for substance abuse and addiction. Taking care of and obliging numerous individuals on a daily basis, can be exciting, but also extremely stressful. Flight attendants have to work hard to make a number of people “happy” or satisfied with their service. In addition, flight attendants also have a serious job where they must enforce strict rules to a multitude of different flyers. Flight attendants work very hard, in addition to working long hours across several time-zones. Being away from loved ones and the comforts of home, work-related stress, and jet-lag are just a few factors that can influence substance abuse. Alcohol is readily-available to flight-attendants and because of this alcohol and prescription drugs are commonly abused by flight attendants looking to self-medicate loneliness, stress, sleep troubles, fatigue, depression and more.

What Are the Dangers and Consequences of Addiction for Flight Attendants?

When flight attendants struggle with substance abuse or addiction they are not only putting their own safety in jeopardy, but also the lives of their coworkers and other flyers. Addiction affects a flight attendants ability to perform and clouds their perception and better judgment. An employer discovering a flight attendant’s addiction can result in immediate termination. Like all other individuals struggling with addiction, flight attendants can incur serious physical and mental health consequences, financial problems, relationship troubles, social and legal consequences, and more.

What Are the Options for Treating Addiction in Flight Attendants?

There are many options available for treating addiction, and flight attendants and other professionals can find specialized options that will work for their own, unique needs. Addiction treatment will heal an individual physically and mentally, making certain he is healthy enough to get back to work and return to his life. Flight attendant addicts can receive treatment, education, counseling, therapy and skill-building training to help overcome underlying issues that have contributed to the addictive behavior. For example, some individuals will develop better strategies and skills for coping with stress or insomnia, etc. Addiction treatment advises flight attendants on how to make changes in their life that will help them maintain their sobriety for the long-haul. Flight attendants may need to make changes at their job, find a new job or career entirely, or make other lifestyle changes like getting enough sleep, exercising, and avoiding people and places that create an urge to use drugs or alcohol. Addiction treatment can help a flight attendant get their life back.

Find Addiction Help for Flight Attendants

If you are a flight attendant or any professional struggling with addiction, call our toll-free number now to speak confidentially with a recovery professional. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you with your search for addiction treatment and recovery help. Our recovery professionals can answer your questions, address your concerns and provide you with all the information you will need concerning addiction, treatment and recovery. If you are ready, we can even connect you to the addiction treatment services that will work for you and your own, unique recovery needs. To hear more about how we can help you overcome your addiction, call and speak with a recovery professional today.