Five Common Fears about Drug Detox

Five common fears about drug detoxMany people feel apprehensive about beginning a drug detox program. It is normal to feel some concern about a big life change. Fortunately with the right drug detox and rehab program your transition to a sober life can be smooth and more comfortable. We have outlined five common fears with real answers and hope to help you feel more comfortable about your decision to get help and end drug use.

Isn’t Drug Detoxification Only for People Who Are Seriously Ill or at “Rock Bottom?”

Drug detox is for people who have become dependent on drugs. This applies to celebrities, executives, adults, teenagers and everyone in between. Because drug use affects all type of people, drug detox is used by all types of people. Detox helps everyone get past withdrawal symptoms quickly and safely. People who want to make changes, people who have hit “rock bottom” and people who are ready to stop using drugs all go to detox. Drug detox is necessary for anyone who faces a drug addiction problem regardless of background, gender, race, age and severity of the drug addiction problem.

Will I Have Any Control during Drug Detoxification?

The treatment protocols are individualized to meet the needs of each person. Reputable treatment programs believe in transforming and healing the body, mind and soul through the detox process.  In order to have a successful detox it is important that you follow time-tested and evidence based methods, but your treatment team will respect your wishes and help you as much as possible.

Will I Be Violently Ill or Uncomfortable during Drug Detoxification?

Detox programs that offer medically supervised detox include help from experienced doctors and nurses who can help you remain safe and comfortable. Those taking part in the detox programs may be prescribed non-addicting medications to help increase comfort. Withdrawal symptoms can vary from one person to another, and prescription medication is used on a case to case basis only.

Will I Be Isolated from Friends and Family during Drug Detoxification?

Friends and family are encouraged to maintain contact with those that are undergoing detox programs. Families and friends are encouraged to meet with recovering individuals and strengthen any relationships that have become strained due to addiction problems. Family counseling services are often part of a detox program, and these services teach families how to build healthy boundaries and encourage their loved ones that are completing a detox program.

Will I Be in an Uncomfortable or Frightening Hospital Environment?

Quality and luxury detox settings are available. You can receive warmth and care in comfortable and luxurious surroundings during your detox. You may have options for long nature walks in beautifully maintained gardens, and spa-like services such as yoga classes or massage therapy may be offered to increase comfort and reduce stress. The level of service and comfort at many detox facilities is nothing like the frightening hospital environment that you may envision.

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