Finding Substance Abuse Treatment for a Friend

Finding Substance Abuse Treatment for a FriendIf you suspect that a friend might be struggling with substance abuse, it’s important to know the signs of addiction and what is included in a quality rehab facility. There are different circumstances that contribute to addiction, different drugs of choice and different degrees of addiction with regards to severity. However, some addiction signs and factors remain the same.

Signs of Substance Abuse

It’s important to know the signs that typically point to substance abuse. If you’re close to someone, and you start to notice some of these signs, you’re in a unique position to help them. Some signs of substance abuse can include the following:

  • Neglecting responsibilities at school, work or at home.
  • Failing classes
  • Being consistently late or absent from work.
  • Uncharacteristic risk-taking behavior such driving under the influence or participating in promiscuous sexual activity
  • Legal trouble such as arrests for DUI or theft
  • Financial trouble
  • Relationship problems with you or other close friends or family

Signs of a Good Rehabilitation Facility

It is important to find a rehab facility that is accredited and staffed by trained medical professionals. The specifics of the treatment plan will depend on the particular drug, the length and severity of the addiction and other contributing factors. To avoid replacing one addiction for another, it’s best to find a facility that doesn’t use drugs like methadone or Suboxone to treat detox and withdrawal. There are no shortcuts to true recovery, and using other drugs to treat the addiction usually ends with dependence and the need for further detox and rehab.

Perhaps the most important thing to look for in a rehab facility is the provision of proper aftercare once initial treatment has ended. Aftercare can include counseling and group therapy and has the goal of addressing the issues that contribute to addiction and teaching the patient skills that can help them avoid addiction in the future. Aftercare may be the most vital part of the rehab process. Patients who do not receive aftercare are far more likely to relapse than those who do.

Get Help for a Friend with a Substance Abuse Problem

If you’re concerned that a friend or loved one might be abusing drugs, we want to help. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak with a representative who can help you find the treatment that’s right for your friend. We can help plan an intervention so your loved one gets the care they need. It’s important to let your friend know that they’re not alone. Neither are you. Call today.