Find Daily Structure to End Addiction

Find Daily Structure to End AddictionOne thing that individuals struggling with addiction lack is structure. Addiction is characterized by mayhem and disorganization, because the individual no longer has control. Trying to maintain a “normal” life seems impossible, when one is consumed with the constant need to feed an addiction and handicapped by the many possible side effects that come with addiction. Because addiction affects all areas of an addict’s life, an individual is usually scrambling from one responsibility to the next attempting to salvage what they can. As an addict’s physical health deteriorates, performance at work, school or other tasks lags, and consequences follow. Finances can crumble, emotions and mood become unstable and relationships may suffer. Just trying to “keep it together” is not a healthy way to live, and addicts in recovery must find structure if they wish to maintain lasting sobriety.

Why Structure Is an Essential Part of Addiction Treatment and Recovery

A major reason why inpatient rehab treatment is so successful is because the patient is placed in a structured environment. Treating an addiction requires a major life change, and early recovery may be overwhelming for an addict. Having a structured daily routine gives an addict in treatment guidance. It breaks the work of treatment down into smaller daily increments that seem manageable. Treatment keeps addicts busy and focused and distracts them from the desire to use. When addicts regain structure in their daily lives, they are able to quit the addiction and transform their life into one that simply won’t accept addictive or out-of-control behavior.

Finding structure forces addicts in recovery to prioritize their life and put tasks and responsibilities in front of cravings and desires to relapse. A daily routine keeps an addict on track in recovery, and encourages the addict to achieve specific goals along the way. Boredom and too much free time allow an addict to think about using or to idealize the addicted life. A structured, healthy and balanced lifestyle helps eliminate stress, pain and other causes of addictive behavior.

How to Keep a Structured Life While in Addiction Recovery

Developing a good daily routine while in recovery can prevent relapse. The key to maintaining a sober lifestyle is focusing on recovery one day at a time. A few tips for developing a daily routine while in recovery include the following:

  • Get organized. Get a personal planner or calendar to keep track of your commitments, tasks and enjoyable activities. Staying organized and ahead of the game will eliminate stressful surprises or chaos.
  • Set goals for yourself. Getting involved with something you are passionate about will keep you engaged in life and distract you from negative feelings that trigger relapse. Work towards something you enjoy.
  • Keep it simple. While it is good to be involved in a variety of activities, try to set a firm, constant, foundation such as eating, exercising or going to bed at the same time every day.
  • Stay busy. Keep your schedule full with exciting and challenging things that you look forward to doing.
  • Stay involved in recovery. Continue to attend recovery meetings, support groups and therapy sessions, and stay in contact with individuals you met in rehab.

Looking for Addiction Recovery Services?

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