Facing Medical Bills and Addiction Recovery

Facing Medical Bills and Addiction RecoveryPayment may not be the first thing you think about when you head off to treatment, but it is something that you will face right before you leave rehab and head back to the real world. Your finances, whether big or small, are something that gets put on hold when you are getting the help you need to get sober. But know that you are still responsible for the bills you had before rehab, and you must also figure out how to manage the ones from treatment.

How to Handle Medical Bills after Recovery

Trying to work through the mess of bills and debt can be overwhelming if you are unsure of how to handle your finances. However you may come out on top with the following tips:

  • Get in contact with all those who you currently owe or will owe. Talk to someone in the billing department of each facility to learn more about what your repayment options are, as well as due dates and potential interest rates. By getting this information, you can plan out the money you need and when, allowing you to map out your repayment plans.
  • Employment can be a daunting topic of conversation for a recovering user, as the stress of finding a job can be tough. However, there are many resources available to help recovering users find employment without facing discrimination for their past. Utilize these resources to get a job so you can repay your medical bills. It also never hurts to look into a second job to bring in a little more cash.
  • Be strict with your finances once you leave treatment. Being responsible for what you spend can be the difference between repayment and poor credit. Break down your finances by looking into what you owe and when, and your living expenses such as rent, food, gas and etc. Find out how much you need to accomplish these payments and stick to a budget that is appropriate to accommodate your expenses.

A great way to prepare for medical bills after recovery is to take preventative steps before leaving rehab. This can include everything from calling companies where you owe money and getting all the info you need to do make payments. Furthermore, you can talk with a counselor about your fears surrounding your payments. With knowledge and support, you can pay off your medical bills little by little to ensure that you build positive credit without falling behind on payments.

Help Planning for Life after Rehab

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