Entitlement and Addiction

Entitlement and AddictionThere is something to be said for humility, and for most people, this comes naturally – not living outside your means, respecting others, understanding accountability and responsibility and more. However, for a person who is battling the thoughts and actions of being entitled, it can both encourage the development of an addiction as well as keeping its fire burning brightly.

The Connection between Entitlement and Addiction

With each hit taken, drag smoked, or pill popped, a user can quickly begin to feel that they deserve to do what they want, including ruining their physical and mental health through substance abuse. This entitlement doesn’t just occur suddenly, it usually develops through emotions and experiences such as the following:

  • Negative experiences- Negative experiences such as abuse, poor childhood experiences, loss of a loved one and more can all fuel feelings of being entitled to certain actions and ideas.
  • Positive experiences – Experiencing fame, inheriting a fortune, or even just finding everyday success can make a person feel that they deserve to do what they want, including substance abuse.

Emotions and Entitlement

Entitlement is not limited to certain types of people. It can occur in both the poorest and wealthiest people, as the emotions behind what fuels entitlement are all the same.

  • Shame and guilt – A person who is experiencing feelings of shame or guilt might find themselves developing a grandiose self-image to protect their inner most feelings. For example, the toughest bully in the schoolyard usually has a reason for being that way, as his inflated sense of self has been developed to protect his feelings of shame and guilt. While these emotions can be spurred on by different reasons, it can still result in feeling victimized, leading to this type of heightened sense of self.
  • Pride – Pride can often be a person’s biggest downfall. For someone who has been taught to have a strong sense of pride either through their upbringing or their success, he might feel that he deserves to do whatever he chooses, or feel that he has an image to uphold. This sensationalized idea can lead to the continuation of an addiction.

It is acceptable to experience feelings of entitlement in certain situations, but an overall air of it can only make a person’s situation much more complex, especially when addiction is involved. Receiving treatment for an addiction as well as ongoing therapy to unravel the reasons behind the sense of entitlement may be the most effective form of help he can receive.

Do You Need Addiction Treatment?

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