Ending the Lies Related to Addiction

Ending the Lies Related to AddictionAddiction is a powerful psychological disease that drives a person’s thoughts and actions in ways they can’t understand and often don’t notice. It chemically rewires neural pathways in the brain so that a user will keep repeating addictive behaviors and substance abuse. The following symptoms are common with addiction:

  • Dishonesty with family and friends about actions and behaviors
  • Dishonesty with doctors about prescriptions use and abuse
  • Dishonesty with pharmacists about when and how to refill a prescription
  • Dishonesty with oneself through justification and denial

The addicted mind does not process information accurately. The disease places itself at the top of the addict’s priority list, and uses psychological tricks to stay there. Relationships, jobs, physical health, freedom and financial concerns all fade into the background. Addicts often find themselves saying and doing things they never imagined they would including lying to people they love over and over again.

Breaking the Cycle of Lies and Addiction

In order to end the cycle of lies and pain associated with addiction the following things must take place:

  • The addict must realize that they have a serious problem that they cannot fix without help
  • They must place themselves into the care and instruction of recovery professional
  • They must receive comprehensive detox and rehab services in a qualified facility

The most effective rehab programs are more than detox centers where people endure withdrawal. They are comfortable, healthful places that help the individual end his or her dependence on drugs or alcohol by reprogramming the brain to its pre-addiction settings. Recovering individuals must build new neural pathways around healthy and productive activities. They must embrace the truth of their situation and reject the lies their addicted brain will produce.

Find the Help You Need to End Addiction Today

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