Drug Treatment Centers

Drug Treatment CentersMost patients struggling with a drug addiction are unable to achieve sobriety on their own. Treating an addiction is both physically and psychologically demanding and most health practitioners will advise some form of treatment to help the person succeed. Drug treatment centers are a valuable resource because they help patients manage their withdrawal symptoms and understand the basis for their addiction, all the while providing them with tools and techniques to help them maintain their sobriety in everyday life.

Different Types of Drug Treatment Centers

Outpatient and inpatient are the two primary forms of drug treatment.  Inpatient programs are for those suffering from serious to severe addiction, or for those who do not have a strong level of support at home. Those with a strong physical addiction will receive continuous support during the detox phase of treatment. As well, those who feel they need time away from the stresses and responsibilities of their regular lives can focus solely on treating their addiction.

Outpatient programs, on the other hand, are an option for patients who have a more moderate addiction. They are an ideal option for those with a strong basis of support at home and for those who wish to maintain their careers or schooling while they undergo treatment.  As well, outpatient programs are an alternative form of treatment for single parents who are unable to find childcare while they are in a residential program.

Specialized Drug Treatment Centers

Specialized treatment programs cater to a specific type of patient and offer a unique type of facility. The following are examples of some of the more common treatment programs:

  • Teen drug treatment centers.  These treatment centers are specific to teens struggling with addiction and deal with unique issues they might experience, such as peer pressure or body dysmorphia. They also provide a safe place for teens to express their concerns with their peers.
  • Drug treatment centers for women.  These facilities treat the aspects of addiction that are unique to women. Many women are victims of physical and sexual abuse, and require counseling with professionals experienced in these kinds of trauma. As well, the female body responds differently to substance consumption than the male body, and addiction programs for women recognize these differences and adjust accordingly.
  • Holistic drug treatment centers. Holistic treatment addresses the mind, body and spiritual components of addiction, combining treatments with activities such as meditation, acupuncture and yoga. The focus is to help patients learn to live better lives as a whole, instead of treating the addiction on its own.

If you are struggling with addiction, please call our toll-free number. Our trained counselors can discuss the different kinds of treatment centers and find a program that best suits your needs.