Drug Abuse and Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug Abuse and Post-Acute Withdrawal SymptomsRecovering from drug abuse presents many obstacles, especially those that come during treatment and life after. Many users might feel that the hardest part of their battle is over once they have come through to the other side of their abuse, where they are able to understand why they were addicted and how to prevent further addiction in the future. However, the buck doesn’t stop there. Many recovering users suffer from post-acute withdrawal symptoms, where the cravings just never seem to stop.

What Are Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms?

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms, whether or not they are medically diagnosed, are common in recovering addicts. PAWS usually occurs suddenly, when there is nothing or no one triggering a recovering user to use drugs again, yet the cravings persist. Some symptoms of PAWS include the following:

  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Deflected concentration
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Irritability

Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms are the leading cause for relapse with people looking to gain their sobriety. These symptoms usually begin to show themselves shortly after the initial detox process and effects of former drug can continue for an extended period of time.

How to Combat Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms

For some, PAWS gets the best of them, prompting a return to drug use. However, many people who continually work through their PAWS using tips and techniques to stay sober such as the following:

  • Have friends and family readily available to help show support and offer a shoulder to lean on while you fight cravings
  • Take care of yourself by eating right, getting enough rest, exercising, and doing things that entertain you as well as make you happy
  • Practice patience as it will be your best friend during your experience with PAWS
  • Join support groups where you will be able to vent your frustrations in a place where others will truly understand and be able to offer support while relating to your situation.

Handling Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms can be like having the devil on your shoulder. The constant temptation and urges to use again can be completely consuming. Learning how to recognize these symptoms as well as learning about coping mechanisms that can make this stage easier can be greatly beneficial for the long haul.

Are You Having Difficulty with Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms?

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