Despair and Drug Addiction

Despair and Drug AddictionWhen a person experiences negative emotions, such as those associated with despair, negative lifestyle choices are often made. In the case of despair, drug abuse and addiction might ultimately occur.

What is Despair?

Many people will use the term despair in place of other negative emotions like sadness or depression. However, despair is something entirely different than these two. When a person feels sad, they experience many uncomfortable feelings. With sadness, though, these individuals can typically see that there will be an end to these feelings. But when people experience despair, they feel as though there is absolutely no hope. It is a sense of complete discouragement and loss with no hope of things ever looking up again.

As expected, feelings of despair can lead many people to partake in unhealthy methods of coping. These people typically do not feel as though there is a way out of their despair, so they cope by finding ways to suppress the feelings they are experiencing, instead of working through it. Unfortunately, despair leads many people to substance abuse, self-harm, or even suicide.

Despair and Drug Addiction

Drugs may be abused as a way of numbing the emotions from persistent inner pain. Each drug has a different action on the body’s chemicals, but ultimately masks the feelings of despair a person might be feeling. These drugs can either numb the emotional pain or they can cover them up with other feelings. Regardless of which effect it has, drugs can be highly appealing to those suffering from despair.

Unfortunately, when a despaired person falls into an addiction, they are then faced with escalating emotional concerns. Drug addiction can lead to lowered self-esteem as well as social, occupational, and monetary struggles. The addition of these problems on top of despair can be devastating and is even more difficult to overcome in the end.

Coping With Despair

Though drugs may seem like the only solution to handle one’s feelings of despair, there are many healthier ways of coping with these feelings. Making moderate lifestyle changes is a simple way that a struggling person can reduce feelings of despair. By making healthy eating choices, for example, someone suffering from despair will be giving their body the nutrients that are necessary to return the chemicals of the brain back to a normal level. Getting exercise is another way to naturally decrease despair. When a person exercises, the brain boosts the production of dopamine, a feel-good chemical in the brain.

Making changes in lifestyle is a great way to reduce despair, though some people still struggle even after making these changes. This is because the issue was not fully resolved. Perhaps the most beneficial way to fully overcome despair is to enter individual therapy. Therapy is a great way for suffering individuals to work through their feelings and emotions. A trained therapist can help to uncover the deeper meaning behind a person’s feelings and they can work together to resolve the core issues.

Get Help for Drug Addiction

For those suffering from drug addiction, treatment and recovery can be difficult. Choosing the best form of treatment is essential to recovery. Therefore, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about drug addiction treatment.