What Does Intervention Aftercare Involve?

An intervention can help those suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction turn around their life and commit to recovery. In an intervention, loved ones meet with the addict to discuss how the addiction has affected them. They talk about the consequences of the addict’s drinking or drug abuse. These people bring with them a prearranged plan of treatment for the addict to accept. The loved ones also bring with them a plan for what they will each specifically do if the addict does not accept...

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Is Holding an Intervention the Right Choice for My Loved One?

Interventions have become somewhat common over the past decade and the concept has increased in popularity as well. The reason that interventions are becoming more popular is because they have proven to be an effective strategy to get people into addiction treatment. The goal of an intervention is to make a person aware of her addiction to the point where she voluntarily enters a treatment program, because addicts who do so have a greater chance to benefit from the treatment. An intervention is...

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