Facing Medical Bills and Addiction Recovery

Payment may not be the first thing you think about when you head off to treatment, but it is something that you will face right before you leave rehab and head back to the real world. Your finances, whether big or small, are something that gets put on hold when you are getting the help you need to get sober. But know that you are still responsible for the bills you had before rehab, and you must also figure out how to manage the ones from treatment. How to Handle Medical Bills after...

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How to Pay for a Residential Drug Treatment Center Stay

Residential drug treatment is arguably the most effective form of addiction treatment because it removes addicts from their surroundings and places them in a stable, supportive environment where they can focus on treatment. However, for many families, the costs associated with residential rehab programs may make the programs seem out of reach. Drug addiction can cause financial strain on the family to begin with; acquiring drugs often takes priority over other financial responsibilities,...

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Drug Treatment Costs and Assistance

Drug addiction programs can be very costly and the associated expenses often deter individuals from seeking treatment. It is not uncommon for addicts to forgo their financial responsibilities, such as paying bills or budgeting for food, at the expense of their drug habit; a hallmark of addiction is often obsessive behavior geared at acquiring and using as much of the substance as possible. For many families, spending money on treatment is unrealistic for them because of the debt they have been...

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