Can Substance Abuse Cause Delusions?

Can Substance Abuse Cause Delusions?

Substance abuse may cause delusions

Substance abuse causes major changes in the way your brain works and can cause distorted thinking. Depending on the drug and user, substance abuse may even lead to delusions. If you are a drug user and either experience delusional thoughts or have been told you may be experiencing delusional thoughts, you should seek immediate help for your abuse habit. Professional addiction treatment can help you find the root cause of your addiction so you can treat it and move on with your life.

Substance Abuse and Delusions

Experiencing delusions does not mean you are crazy, only that you need help. Unlike hallucinations, delusions do not cause you to see or hear things that do not exist. Instead, they distort your perception of real events. Drugs and alcohol are powerful substances that affect the way you think, act, and process thoughts and emotions. While sometimes you may abuse drugs or alcohol and behave logically and coherently, the effects of a substance on your body are unpredictable. Over time as your brain’s chemistry is altered by a substance and you begin to suffer from addiction you may experience an increase in delusional thoughts. You may begin to believe that loved ones are trying to hurt you, that random strangers on the street are following you, or that a casual acquaintance is in love with you.

Delusions can be dangerous because they cause you to behave in ways you normally would not. Without seeking help, delusions may cause you to take actions that could lead to family or relationship problems, legal troubles, or the loss of your job. Acting based on a delusion can cause you to do something harmful and illogical, such as quit your job because you believe your boss is secretly conspiring against you.

Is There Help for Substance Abuse and Delusions?

If you suffer from substance abuse and delusions, call our toll-free helpline today to find out what kind of help is available for users like you. Substance abuse is a serious problem and without professional help your addiction will continue to get worse along with delusions related to substance abuse. Our trained addiction experts are here for you 24 hours a day and can let you know more about the latest types of addiction treatment, and can check to see if your health insurance will help pay for rehab treatment, so call now.