Can I Use the Internet during Inpatient Rehab?

Can I Use the Internet during Inpatient Rehab?One of the greatest advantages of inpatient rehab is that patients can focus all of their attention on the recovery process without being distracted by everyday life. While the thought of going without cell phones, texting, email or social networks might seem problematic, many people find that staying offline can be quite liberating. While each detox and rehab facility has its own rules about Internet access, this type of connectivity with the outside world is generally either forbidden or strictly monitored.

Benefits of Unplugging during Rehab

The real power of addiction lies in how it changes a person’s psychological health. To support the disease, addiction chemically rewires the brain’s neural pathways, the connections that drive human behavior. These are deep, emotional changes that guide behavior much more powerfully than rational thought. Recovering from addiction is all about re-programming these connections and helping addicts learn to manage their cravings. This is no simple or easy task, as it requires focus, attention, discipline and time. Inpatient rehab programs are designed to provide these advantages, which means banning unhealthy distractions. This includes the internet, which can lead to the following problems:

  • Access to social networks may provoke feelings of loneliness or anxiety
  • Addictive personalities may manage their symptoms through obsessive emailing, use of pornography, online gambling or other compulsive behaviors
  • Negative social influences may tempt the addict to quit treatment before he is ready
  • Instead of forming new, supportive relationships with fellow patients, some recovering addicts stay connected to people outside of the treatment program

Taking a break from the internet for a time has many mental and emotional benefits for recovering addicts.

Recovery Programs That Allow Internet Use

Most modern recovery programs understand that internet access is an important part of life for some patients. In response to this, many centers offer limited access to computers so people with work commitments may stay in touch with their employers. While this access has limitations, most programs can arrange certain accommodations for reasonable connectivity with the outside world.

Help Finding Rehab

If you are concerned about your addiction or a friend’s, please call our toll-free helpline right now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to talk about addiction, recovery and what to expect from rehab. We can even connect you to the best rehab programs for your specific needs. Don’t let a fear of losing access to the internet keep you from getting the help you need. That is just the kind of backward thinking that addiction uses to keep people trapped. If you’re ready to put substance abuse behind you, please call our helpline today.