Can I Quit Drugs Cold Turkey?

Can I Quit Drugs Cold Turkey?If you are considering quitting drug use cold turkey, it is important to consult a detox professional before you simply quit on your own. While some detox and rehab programs will have you stop taking your drug of choice, they will provide medical care to ensure you remain safe as your body readjusts to functioning without a drug. Some recovery programs will taper your drug dosage rather than having you quit abruptly, while others may recommend the use of substitution drugs. You can quit drugs cold turkey, but you can only do with a medical professional’s approval and supervision.

How to Know If You Are Addicted to Drugs

The following are some of the symptoms of drug addiction:

  • Do you find that you can’t quit using drugs as much as you’d like to?
  • Does an overwhelming need for your drug surface when you try to quit?
  • Do you start to feel anxious or panicky when you consider not using drugs?
  • Is your drug use affecting your job, your personal life and your financial situation?

If you are struggling with addiction, you can quit drugs, but it will require help.

How to End Drug Addiction

Detoxand addiction rehab programs can work with your available addiction and mental health insurance and also meet your needs for rehab treatment. Medically supervised detox and treatment will ensure you are kept safe and comfortable at all times. A medically supervised detox can allow you to manage the discomfort of quitting cold turkey and will allow you to detox safely in a relaxed home-like atmosphere. You will have a support team at your side.You don’t have to live with your addiction controlling your life. You can recover from addiction when you receive the proper drug addiction help.

Drug Addiction and Recovery Help

Call our toll-free 24 hour helpline to speak with one of our counselors. Calls are completely confidential and can give you the opportunity to discuss your addiction and your concerns about quitting. We understand that the idea of quitting drugs can be all at once overwhelming and frightening. We will guide you through the steps of quitting drugs safely so that you can find a healthy and sober life.