Can I Get Court-Ordered Treatment for My Loved One?

Can I Get Court-Ordered Treatment for My Loved One?Is your loved one’s drug abuse problem out of control? Getting quality addiction treatment could be a lifesaving action, but you may find that your loved one is resistant to the idea of addiction treatment. Court ordered rehab can get your loved one into a quality treatment facility, but it will require taking legal action.

Holding an Intervention before Involving the Legal System

A first step in the process of getting a loved one to accept treatment from a rehab facility is to stage an intervention. The following is true of an intervention:

  • An intervention is not an opportunity to attack the addict
  • An intervention is an opportunity to openly and honestly discuss you loved one’s addiction and how it is affecting you and the other members of your family
  • A professional interventionist has the knowledge and experience needed to ensure that your intervention runs smoothly
  • An interventionist can help you determine what you are going to say and what you can expect from the process

Even with all of the right steps in place not every intervention works. It pays to consult with an experienced interventionist before you attempt the next step involving court-ordered treatment.

Court-Ordered Addiction Rehabilitation

Laws vary between states and cities. Getting court-ordered addiction treatment for your loved one may involve hiring a family attorney who can petition a family court judge on your behalf. The other means of obtaining court-ordered rehab are not something you can arrange, as they often involve being charged with a drug-related crime such as a DUI. If your loved one has been involved in an accident, he or she may be offered rehab in lieu of spending time behind bars. If your loved one is offered rehab after DUI charges have been filed, he or she may have no choice but to enter a court-ordered addiction treatment program.

Encouraging your loved one to seek out rehab prior to legal intervention is preferred to court-ordered rehab after being charged with a crime. A criminal record can have serious consequences for your loved one in the future, especially when it comes to trying to obtain a job. The sooner that your loved one attends a quality rehab program, the sooner he or she will be able to embark on the journey to long-lasting sobriety.

Get Addiction Treatment Guidance from Professionals

Please call our addiction helpline today. Calls are completely confidential, and all calls and phone services are free. Our experienced and knowledgeable counselors can answer your questions about helping an addicted loved one and about what court ordered rehab will mean for your loved one and for you.