Benefits of a Team Approach to Addiction Treatment

Benefits of a Team Approach to Addiction TreatmentTwo heads are better than one for many situations, even for addiction. In the case of addiction treatment, this concept holds true because a treatment team is focused on one solution, which is to help an addict get off of drugs or alcohol for good.

The Addiction Team

In an inpatient treatment facility, there are many people who comprise the addiction team, including the following:

  • Call center addiction counselors—the first person on your recovery team you may speak to is the call center counselor that you reach when you call a toll-free helpline. Even though you may never physically meet this person, she is committed to help you find effective addiction treatment.
  • Intake addiction counselors—when you decide to choose an inpatient treatment center, a representative will either greet you at the airport or at the facility. His job is to get you acclimated into the environment quickly and efficiently. He will answer your initial questions, give you a tour of the facility, review the schedule and rules of operation and get you situated.
  • Nursing staff—the nursing staff takes your vital signs, manages your medication (if necessary) and are available to provide for your health needs. The nursing staff may also take a medical history in preparation for your detox protocol.
  • Detox physician—this physician reviews your medical history, drug abuse history and talks to the various staff that you have already worked with to design a customized detox protocol. This protocol will minimize the withdrawal symptoms associated with your detox.
  • Detox support staff—these professionals monitor you throughout the detox process, adjust treatment based on the physician’s requests and help you transition from detox into the therapy aspects of your treatment.
  • Counselors—you are assigned a counselor who will meet with you on an individual basis and offer an array of therapeutic strategies to help you understand your addiction, what led to your addiction and the triggers that could impede your commitment to remain drug free.
  • Group counselors—while your individual counselor may facilitate group meetings, other counselors may specialize in other treatment methods for group meetings.
  • Nutritional and fitness staff—many inpatient treatment programs hire professional chefs and fitness trainers to work with patients. This teaches recovering addicts to not only eat well and exercise, but also to incorporate living once you leave the facility
  • Business staff—the facility wants you to focus on your treatment and on getting sober. Therefore, they have business personnel who assist in the billing, insurance payment and payment plans.

Help Finding Inpatient Rehab Options

Finding the right rehab facility to meet your needs or the needs of someone you love can be an overwhelming experience. You may need advice so that you can determine the most appropriate rehab service for you. While recovery is difficult, it is possible and we can help, so please call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about inpatient rehab. We are here to help.