Alternative Therapy Options for Addiction Treatment

Alternative Therapy Options for Addiction TreatmentNo one treatment method will be successful for all individuals which is why it is important to learn about alternate options for addiction recovery. Many individuals seek out a more natural and holistic approach to addiction treatment. These methods focus on treating the individual instead of treating the addiction by treating the body, repairing the mind and healing the spirit. While alternative therapy can be effective, they often have the best results when used in conjunction with tried and true recovery methods.

Acupuncture Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Acupuncture is an approved medical treatment in the United States. The therapy involves inserting needles into the body and applying heat or electrical stimuli. Acupuncture is an effective form of addiction treatment, because it raises endorphin levels, fights cravings and minimizes the symptoms of withdrawal. Acupuncture therapy can be an effective addition to any treatment program and can help to lower stress levels.

Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and Herbal Therapy for Addiction Treatment

A more natural approach to addiction treatment can be found through homeopathy or the use of natural remedies created from plants, minerals and animal sources. Homeopathy is used to restore the body’s natural balance. While it may not treat chemical dependencies, some claim it can help treat the underlying causes and consequences of addiction such as anxiety, depression and pain. It is not a substitute for professional counseling and care, and medical professionals should be informed of all homeopathic treatments that are being used in conjunction with traditional care.

Aromatherapy is another alternative therapy option for addiction treatment. It entails inhaling natural oils or rubbing them into the skin. This is said to produce chemicals that promote emotional stability, relieve stress and provide tranquility for the spirit. Herbal therapy is similar to homeopathy and aromatherapy in that is uses natural plant substances to treat psychological aspects of addiction. Natural therapy options can enhance a person’s recovery but should not be the sole treatment option.

Nutritional Therapy for Addiction Treatment

People underestimate how powerful nutritional therapy can be for addiction treatment. Repairing the body with vitamins, minerals and amino acids can restore physical health and in turn positively impact mental health. Nutritional therapy can repair the body’s chemical balance by producing endorphins, serotonin and more resulting in the regulation of mood and behavior. Nutritional therapy can also aid in the detox process.

Creative Alternative Therapies for Addiction Treatment

There are more creative approaches to therapy for addiction treatment that involve exercise, meditation, yoga or guided imagery. These therapy options share a goal of getting the body, mind and spirit in tune with one another. Creative arts therapies are also commonly used as a part of professional addiction treatment. Activities such as dance, painting, drama and poetry can all encourage patients to get in touch with their spiritual self and provide an open channel for communicating their emotions. Creative arts therapies encourage patients to enjoy themselves and open up during recovery.

Finding Addiction Treatment Programs that Include Alternative Therapy Options

Your recovery depends largely on choosing the right treatment program. If you are looking for addiction treatment that offers more options that traditional treatment services, we can help you find what you are looking for. Please call our toll-free helpline today. Whether you are ready to begin treatment now or still have questions for which you need answers, we can help.