Alcohol and Drug Treatment Options

Alcohol and Drug Treatment OptionsFor those struggling with addiction, everyday living can seem overwhelming. People with addiction often find it difficult to maintain a job or manage their finances and family responsibilities. Someone suffering from addiction experiences an all-consuming desire to obtain and use the preferred substance. Withdrawal symptoms associated with physical dependency can be painful and even life-threatening, making it difficult for anyone to achieve sobriety without professional assistance. There are a wide variety of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in the United States that can help any individual struggling with addiction achieve sobriety.

What Are the Different Alcohol and Drug Treatment Options?

Most drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities fall into one of two main categories: residential and outpatient care.   Both these treatment formats offer a chance to take part in detox, counseling and aftercare components of treatment. However, the format used in each type of treatment varies. The type of facility ideal for each individual depends on the type of addiction they are struggling with and the severity of that addiction.

What Is Residential Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

Residential programs require patients to move into a treatment center where they can undergo medically supervised detox and receive counseling for their addiction. Residential programs are ideal for those with serious to severe addictions because they remove patients from their home environments and allow them to focus completely on meeting their goals. Patients are also not exposed to any negative influences that may have encouraged their drug and alcohol abuse at home.

What Is Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment?

Outpatient drug and alcohol programs offer the same treatment stages as a residential program — detox, counseling and aftercare — but do not require patients to live at the facility. Instead, patients attend regularly scheduled appointments with medical professionals and counselors but can return home in the evening. These programs are recommended for those suffering from more moderate forms of addiction. Outpatient programs are less expensive than residential programs and many patients find they are able to maintain their jobs while receiving treatment.

What Other Alcohol and Drug Treatment Options Exist?

In addition to these general types of programs, there are many unique types of drug and alcohol treatment designed with specific patients in mind. These include: